Custom Web and Software Development

Developed For You
We understand that every site has its own little requirements that don't readily fit with off the shelf solutions, therefore we develop most of the website from scratch to suit your needs. We do have specific modules such as shopping carts, forums, blogs, and RSS feeds that we will fully customise to your requirements. We will also develop the back-office systems to suit your needs.
Quick, Quality, Solution
To get the tailored solution developed quickly and with quality foremost, we employ a rapid application development technique which allows you to see the site at all stages of its development. This allows you to tweak any parts of it you don't like before the site is actually finished, meaning that you get the features you want, how you want them, and in a very quick timeframe.
Free Marketting Advice
Once your site has been made public, the next most important thing to do is to promote it. We have a lot of experience of making your site more appealing to search engines such as Google and Bing (called search engine optimisation) to get you more exposure. We can also provide practical advice on marketting your site through internet advertising, portals and other high-traffic areas.
eShopping Tools
If you want to sell products or services via your website we have a shopping cart which can easily be incorporated. The cart integrates into PayPal to allow purchases to be made easily, but we can also integrate into other ePayment systems if PayPal is not suitable. We can set it up so that customers have to register online before they can make their purchase, or just have a simple cart that anyone can use.
User Interaction Tools
Also important is allowing your target audience to interact with you through your website. We can provide user feedback features such as blogs for them to comment on your diary entries, surveys and questionnaires to get targetted feedback, forums and message boards to allow them to participate and to keep them in touch with each other, and RSS news feeds to alert them to any new posts or products.
Supports Latest Standards
Part of our ethos is to keep up to date with all the latest web technology and standards. Not only will we make sure that your site will support the latest technology, and support all the latest web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari), but we will continue to support the latest technology. So when a new version of Internet Explorer or Firefox (for example) is released we will make sure your website works the same with them.
You Are In Good Hands
We only use designers and developers who have significant experience in the industry so you'll be getting the best professionals working with you to create your site. We believe that all our clients deserve the best that we can offer. With over 10 years of developing websites and back-office applications you can trust us to develop something that meets your exacting requirements and which you will be proud of.